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Going on an Adventure?

Seal Line gear protection for urban adventure, travel, paddlesports and rafting and includes the finest dry bags, backpacks, totes, duffles, and organizers. You might not think you want it but you could discover that you really do need it as you venture out on your next exploration . This summer we took it to the beach. Check out three of our favorite Seal Line items!


Another new item for 2018 the Blocker Zip Sack offers the easiest access to its interior with its wide-mouth opening making it the perfect part of a packing system to organize toiletries, camp kitchen essentials, or a first aid kit for a SUP exploration trip or van life. Choose from three sizes: small, medium, large and retails from $14.95 to $21.99


Packtowl’s Personal towel is a quick-drying microfiber towel on the market, and with good reason. You will find the Personal ultra-versatile, absorbent, and superfast-drying performance make it great for any activity, including camping, travel, fitness, swimming and more. The Personal’s absorbent fabric soak up to four times its weight in water and can be wrung out easily with a hang loop for easy drying. We love the fact that it dries faster than your comparable cotton towel and then rolls up easily to store away in its own travel pouch. Perfect towel for our on the go outdoor lifestyle. Available in hand, face, body and beach sizes or you can opt for the body/face set. Retails from $9.95 - $44.95



New for 2018 is Seal Line’s Blockerlite™ Compression Dry Sacks — waterproof, ultra light packing organization at its finest. This compression dry sack protects essential backpacking and hiking gear like clothing and sleeping bags, while the Continuous Compression system reduces overall volume for maximum packing efficiency. You’ll find our favorite feature the PurgeAir™ valve on this sacks and we like the featherweight 20D silicone and polyurethane-coated nylon that delivers waterproof protection. If you need lightweight this gear bag is for you! Available in three sizes: 5L, 10L, 20L and retails from $29.95 - $36.95

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