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Hydration That Matters

Haka Getting Some Water Time

We get plenty of people sending us new things to try. And honestly we like to try things that will enrich our lifestyle on and on the water.

As a staff photographer and avid stand-up paddler I am someone who is constantly out in nature — sun, heat, the elements in general I know the importance of hydration. So when Glim asked me to check out their water I said yes.

GLIM is not one of those bottled fancy water. It actually has a purpose. Their company has come out with hydration which makes sense and benefits you for better long term health. I'm not saying this as an advertisement, I'm saying this because it has helped and it does exactly what it says it's going to do. It does enhance my active lifestyle, it does help detox my system and I feel better when I drink it before and after being active outside or on the water. Let me break it down a little further.

DrinkGlim in 3 Flavors

Men are suppose to drink roughly 3L of water a day and women 2L a day. How many of us actually do that? I hit it probably closer to the recommended daily allowance and even more but sometimes you just need that edge that water alone can't give you.

GLIM Tumeric Water

is fortified with 100% naturally sourced Turmeric extracts. Free radicals must be flushed out from your system; turmeric is a nutritional supplement which eliminates free radicals, it has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent aching joints. I actually liked the taste of this, never thought much about turmeric in anything outside of curry but this was refreshing and not overwhelming at all.

Next I tried the GLIM Colloidal Silver, I like this one especially if I'm feeling a little run down. The weather where I've been has been unstable, jumping from warm, to cold, rainy and windy and then to whatever it feels like doing. Plenty of people have been getting sick this year and colloidal silver has been proven to have antibiotic properties. When I feel the onset of my body feeling worn and tired I hydrate using this! I recommend this one for increasing your body's resilience and staying hydrated as well.

Now the GLIM Activated Charcoal was probably the one I wasn't really sure about. After all who wants to drink charcoal water and have black teeth. It's not as formidable as it sounds and definitely didn't. GLIM Activated Charcoal Water came about because they wanted to enhance your hydration and detoxify your system as well.

No bad side effects, no bad taste and it's has great cleansing power.

I actually like this for when I eat something that doesn't make me feel quite right.

So if you want to stay in prime condition try one or all of the GLIM waters! This is definitely one of the products that surprised me this year. See you on the water! ~ ERIC HAKA

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