• Lucy Lucille, Managing Editor

Where Does Your Cold Brew Take You?

"The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of being outdoors makes the experience exhilarating — nothing else cannot be expected to reproduce such results." Lucy

Product Review Monday - This brew is off the caffeine charts! So smooth you don’t need all that other stuff mucking up the flavor — never bitter. We loved all the flavors but our personal favorite is the Whole Vanilla Bean. No sugar, no dairy, no preservatives. Their packaging is the perfect solution to accommodate our on-the-go hectic lifestyle. Their bottles are aluminum and resealable, which means they are lightweight, stay colder longer and are shatterproof. Their spigot stand up bags fit great in your refrigerator, in your backpack or cooler. Take Bramo wherever your travels might take you. Just awesome cold brew coffee for your lifestyle!

Bramo Coffee is a small batch fair trade certified organic cold brew coffee company. Offered in BPA free aluminum bottles and three yummy flavors — Original Black, Whole Vanilla Bean, Raw Cacao

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