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Monday Product Review: Ombraz Sunglasses

As tested by Eric Haka; "These sunglasses will not fall off your face and protect your eyes in the most extreme conditions of wind and water. Ombraz keeps your eyes free and clear of the big spray, splash and wind while actively taking your performance to the next level. And because they stay cord-locked to your head, they don't slide off your face."

Ombra(z): Italian for shade. English for the most comfortable, durable, and ecological specs you'll ever own.

Designed and built by a grass-roots, two-man team from Seattle, WA, Nikolai and Jensen are pioneering fundamental design change in the eyewear industry while tackling environmental concerns with impressive ‘tree-commerce’ initiatives, We’re fired up to introduce a revolutionary pair of handmade sunglasses that don’t break, won’t fall off, and never cause tenderness on the sides of your noggin.

How’s that possible? We eliminated frickin’ side arms.

Our beautifully handcrafted frames connect directly to an adjustable cord that wraps around your head and keeps your sunnies securely in place. Whether you’re jumping off a boat, or getting hit by a car, your Ombraz will always stay on your head. Sounds like something that might look a little goofy? WRONG! A superb product would never sacrifice aesthetics for functionality (remind a dad). Ombraz frames and cord were developed to make you look good, blending the style of the city with the spirit of the outdoors. aesthetics meets athletics technically brilliant, fashion-forward designs they might even change your life.​

Every time a user shares our story/campaign on facebook or instagram during our crowdfunding campaign, we plant a tree. (This incentivizes people to share our concept.)

We also think wearing the sunglasses loose for every day wear is important to understand, and that you can also crank them down if you are going to be diving through a wave.

With a background in environmental business & e-commerce, we are very aware of the challenges facing our planet and the ecological implications of consumer products.

"Ombraz is here deliver a positive ecological impact."

We call it our shade project. ‘Ombra’ means shade in italian. We are committed to planting 20 trees for every pair of sunglasses we sell. We provide you with comfy shades and you help create shade for degraded ecosystems.

We plant our trees through Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit that employs local farmers in Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal and Haiti to plant and protect native trees. When you buy a pair of Ombraz, we donate a portion of the proceeds to enable Eden’s reforestation efforts. Not only does our shade project make Ombraz carbon negative - meaning we sequester more carbon than we emit to produce and deliver a pair of ombraz to your doorstep, it also provides economic opportunities to indigenous communities.

Trees sequester carbon in the atmosphere. By planting 20 trees we are sequestering nearly 3X the amount of carbon that is emitted to produce and deliver a pair of Ombraz to your doorstep, making Ombraz a tree-mendously carbon-negative product.

None of this would be possible without your help. As Ombraz grows, so does our impact. Let’s plant some trees!

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Check this video out for proof tested endurance:

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