• Chris Couve

What Exactly Is Zane's #DeepBlueLife?

After a really fun session in Malibu, Sean Poynter asks team rider and friend Zane Kekoa Schweitzer what it means to live a #DeepBlueLife. Zane takes a minute out, to share what his Hawaiian culture and the "Pono" lifestyle is about.

Zane's #DeepBlueLife

The next time we are out on the water for a paddle or a surf, let's think to ourselves how we can take a step towards a more #DeepBlueLife. A great start would be to give thanks to your paddling area and environment by taking on the #PocketOfPlasticChallenge on the way in from your session!" ~ Zane

Find out more about how you can live your own #DeepBlueLife by visiting SustainableSurf.org / @sustainsurf

You can also check out, our new environmental innovation website. #starboardblue

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