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GOGO Lantern

GOGO Solar LED Bucket Lantern

The best things in life are free which includes — Solar Power! GOGO can do that for you with their uniquely shaped Solar LED Bucket Light. Yoom has 8 LED lights (5V/1.2W) encased in a round flat disc. The disc takes roughly six to eight hours of charging by sunlight and three hours if using the adapter cord. The light disc is separable from the bottom of the bucket and can be faced down towards the ground of fill the bucket of water and face it the disc up. GOGO Lantern conveniently collapses for easy storage in its storage pouch. You will also find lanyard to carry the GOGO Lantern when the bucket collapses. One-hundred percent waterproof GOGO's full brightness last for five to six hours and a half brightness from eleven to twelve and can adapt to a blinking light if you choose. GOGO is perfect for any night adventure on and off the water.

GOGO Lantern, it’s a revolutionary, multi-purpose camping lantern that adapts to all of your needs. GOGO Lantern can be used in many outdoor conditions like camping , cycling, hiking or even as an emergency light with a magnetic base while fixing your car in dark places. It can also be used indoor as an decor, reading light, party ice bucket or even as a gift for friends. Flexible and portable for the ease of carrying it anywhere for your journey . The durable GOGO Lantern is tested with a rating of IP67 waterproof housing, shockproof providing high brightness. GOGO Lantern can be customized with any image on the bucket shell limited only by your own creativity!

Watch the video below and join the movement!

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