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Come explore—Deep Blue

Come explore what a "Deep Blue" day looks like on island of Maui... as seen through the eyes of (Starboard team rider / Sustainable Surf ambassador) Zane Schweitzer – and through the language, knowledge and cultural wisdom of ancient Hawaii.

Follow Zane's footsteps from "dawn to dusk" as he roams his modern homeground and his ocean playground, in harmony with the sustainable lifestyle system developed thousands of years ago by Hawaiians. The ancient wisdom of Hawaii's Ahupua`a system has plenty to teach us all about how to live a more engaged, meaningful and stoked life – one that enriches and preserves your community and environment, while giving you plenty of time to play in the waves. * Find out more about how you can live your own #DeepBlueLife by visiting SustainableSurf.org / @sustainsurf ~~~~ Ahupua`a – Shaped by island geography, each ancient Hawaiian ahupua`a was a self sustaining, wedge-shaped area of land running from the mountain tops to the reefs, that followed the boundaries of the natural watershed. This complex community-based system was used to sustainably manage the water, and all the resources (food, medicines building materials, etc.) of the land & sea for the benefit of everybody on the island. The Ahupua`a extended elements of Hawaiian culture and spirituality into the natural landscape and provided everything its local community needed to live rich and abundant lives – through the practice of sharing resources and constantly working in harmony with the natural rhythms of the land and sea. This cooperative system was truly the engine of wealth for the Hawaiian culture, and it ensured a wealth of leisure time for recreation, which allowed ancient Hawaiians to develop the simple act of wave riding into an "art" form – one that has captured the hearts and minds of the rest of the world.

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