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COVA M2OX 2017

Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to cross the Kaiwi Channel from Molokai’s west end of the island and paddle into the finish line of Maunalua Bay, on Oahu’s east side? The COVA M2OX (Molokai to Oahu Crossing 2017 Experience) will both give you an hands-on experience of the 32-mile’s across the Kaiwi Channel without the intense training the actual competitors put their bodies through on July 30, 2017.

The COVA M2OX17 has eight open spots which include everything necessary for you to cross the channel from gear, to use of boards and equipment, pre-open water training, along with meals, transportation, and accommodation during your six days in Hawaii.


An experience from start to finish of the Molokai to Oahu Crossing on July 30th, 2017. Learn to paddle open water, read lines, bumps, experience tides and the actual course run—during the five days on the water. Sit through 3 classroom sessions of understanding the Hawaiian waters, tides, winds and how it affects and guides your course management.


July 26-31, 2017


Molokai to Oahu (32 miles across the Kaiwi Channel).


Eight paddlers who are looking to experience and qualify for a future M2O crossing.


Gear Bag and Apparel

COVA Apparel including:

• Boardshorts

• Walk shorts

• 2 - t-shirts

• 1-dress shirt

• Windbreak Jacket

• Water top

• Trucker hat

• 1 Shelta Hat

• 2 Cobian footwear

• 1 Coola Suncare packet

• 1 Sea To Summit Dry Bag

• 1 Xcel Wetsuit hooded long-sleeve water top

• 1 Hydro Flask 32 ounce bottle

• 1 West Marine PFD

• 1 Kit of Skoop Powder

• 1 M2O Crossing Kit including participant jersey, t-shirt, hat, mug, and visor

Also included:

All transportation to and from airport and airfare to Molokai.

All shuttles to training and event site.

All hotel accommodations.

All breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snacks.

All credentials for participant dinner on Molokai awards party.

All training equipment including boards, leashes, paddles (however we recommend you bring your own.


•July 26th, Wednesday: land and water seminar and training class with 2-time M2O winner Travis Grant.

•July 27th, Thursday: downwind training run from Maunalua Bay, East Oahu to Kaimana Beach, Waikiki. 8.5 miles.

•July 28th, Friday: Course simulation of the last 4 miles of Sunday’s crossing from outside Portlock Point through China Wall to Maunalua Bay finish line area.

•July 29th, Saturday: Equipment prepping, fly to Molokai, check in, check Kalua Koi launch site, meet the paddlers, meeting, and dinner and be ready.

•July 30th, Sunday: Channel crossing ready and boat launch 7:00 a.m. Finish line post meeting: Hangout at finish line till 4:00 p.m. hotel check in, Outrigger Canoe Club awards party. Walk back to the hotel.

•July 31st, Monday: Debriefing, and Breakfast, Leave for the airport.

Cost for M2OX17: $4000.00 (for full package)

Cost for M2OX17: $3000.00 (if you have your own accommodations on Oahu)

**We need a 50% deposit to reserve your spot. No refunds after June 26th, 2017 and final payment must be received by June 15th, 2017.

For questions contact info@standuppaddlemagazine.com

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