• Lucy Lucille, Managing Editor

What Does Your Soul Seek?

Women here is your opportunity to immerse yourself in a five-day celebration that will replenish your mind, body, and soul. THE YOLO Board REJUVENATION Experience is an expansion of mindful living, allowing you to decompress and get-a-way it all.

From quiet morning meditations and journaling, to clean eating, freshly made juices, and organic foods, to experiencing the thrill of a canoe ride in Waikiki, peaceful hikes with incredible island views and paddling to your heart's content. Learn the basics of SUP or define your skills and if you're feeling adventurous join us for a sunset SUP Yoga session. The apex of this retreat finds you in a sea of thousands of floating lanterns from your SUP board, as you will take part in the Memorial Day event, Lantern Floating Hawaii. In what's become a Memorial Day tradition on Oahu, tens of thousands gather at Ala Moana Beach Park to release candle-lit lanterns symbolizing the memories of loved ones lost. You will want for nothing as we have hand selected each participant a gear bag with everything from footwear, to skincare, bikinis and assorted apparel provided for you – valued at approximately $1500. Remember YOLO – #youonlyliveonce

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