• Lucy Lucille, Managing Editor

Track What You're Made Of

There are plenty of products on the market these days to help track and monitor your workout it's hard to determine which one best fits for your style and desired function. I was sent on mission the past couple of weeks to test and try the new TOMTOM Adventurer an Outdoor GPS Watch.

Now with the first pop out of the box, it comes with a nice little "tidy" booklet that is helpful in setting it up. It wasn't complicated. The Adventurer has the following convenient features: Multiple Outdoor Sports Modes–Hike or bike, swim or gym, ski or run. Built-in Heart Rate Monitor–See your heart rate on your wrist. GPS, Compass, and Barometer Tracking–See real-time stats like altitude, vertical drop, 3D distance, and speed on your wrist. Trail Exploration Plan and discover new routes with confidence and find your way back to the start. Integrated Music Player (3 GB)Add a soundtrack to your adventures. Headphones included and Automatic Descent Summaries–See the summary of your last ski or snowboard run as you ride on the lift. It also has customizable watch straps and wireless syncing with their handy downloadable app and you can login to TOMTOM My Sports to keep abreast of your activity. It has capable features for goal setting, interval training, race mode, 24/7 activity tracking and my favorite feature–automatic sleep tracking. It also has the option of exploring with music, not with your phone and you can add a soundtrack to your adventures with the built-in music player of your multisport watch. Store up to 500 songs (depending on the size of your files.) That's 3GB of music wrapped around your wrist. Enjoy your favorite playlists through wireless headphones and leave your phone at home. Basically, the only thing it doesn't do is walk your dog (but it could monitor that if you so desired!)

If the TOMTOM Adventurer seems a little daunting try their TOMTOM Touch has basic features and streamline if you prefer something dainty though it's not recommended for getting a dunking to so don't paddle with it(if you plan on falling in) or swim with it. Look for the review of the TOMTOM TOUCH coming soon. Adventurer will run you $349, directly from their website and well worthy your dime. #getgoing

Lucy is the Managing Editor of Standup Paddle Magazine and Samata Mag. She knows the value and importance of mindful living while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Lucy is also the event coordinator for Camp Samata's lifestyle SUP retreats and camps. If you have any questions or have a product you'd like us to try don't hesitate to contact her by email: Lucy@standuppaddlemagazine.com

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