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The Easiest Way To Track Your Journeys on the Water

Yes, we're guilty—we haven't been in the office, we've been out paddling. "We live and play by the sea, we love the ocean, we are paddlers."

Now this is not our mantra (though it's close) this is the tagline for Paddle Logger, which is why we've been out on the water and not in the office. This is a handy little app that tracks your time on the water. Paddle Logger was created by David Walker from the UK.

"Paddle Logger is a product born out of frustration - there was nothing out there for me, a paddler. I started SUPing a few years ago and I haven't looked back. Being out on the water is a form of escapism and a great relaxer. Whether out on the sea around Falmouth, Cornwall or along the waterways of London, paddling is a huge part of my life." he shared with us.

Paddle Logger was pretty simple and easy to use—it wasn't rocket science to figure it out! I simply downloaded the app to my phone. (I carry it in a TPU Guide Waterproof Phone Cases by Sea To Summit when I paddle) packed up my board paddle and phone and set out to the closest body of water. Below in the picture gallery you can see exactly what transpired on my excursion. I like that it can categorize my trips in a folder and then each trip has individual details. I am able to add pictures to the gallery of where I paddled from the app and save it if I so desire. The map feature also has the option of a map view or you can view it from the satellite view.

They've also recently added an update so it is compatible with the Apple iWatch 2. You can download the app from the app store for a mere $3.99. If you run into any bugs you can let Paddle Logger's support team know and they respond right away! (Haven't had any complications with mine however.) I love all of it's innovative features and whether you are training or heading out on a multi-day expedition or just getting on the water having fun with your your friends or family, Paddle Logger is what you want! This is one of my favorite new trip accessories that is a must have! PaddleLogger.com

TPU Guide Waterproof Phone Cases by Sea To Summit

Sea To Summit's TPU Guide Waterproof Phone Cases are a slim yet robust solution for protecting and using your phone in any conditions. (I like that it floats when it's closed up properly) RF welded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and the Ziploc®, triple roll velcro closure keeps this soft case both watertight and slim. The TPU is PVC free, strong, flexible, durable, UV and extreme cold resistant. Die-cut attachment points round out this tough little package. Fits iPhone 3,4 and 5s (yes—I know I have an old phone but it still works.)

Lucy is the Managing Editor of Samata Mag and Standup Paddle Magazine. Lucy is also the event coordinator for Camp Samata's lifestyle SUP retreats and camps. If you have any questions or have a product you'd like us to try don't hesitate to contact her by email: lucy@standuppaddlemagazine.com

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