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I AM GOING TO DO my best to draw a parallel between my early years in the Eastern Sierras and my growing love of destination paddling... [read more] 

Get Grounded

A MAN NAMED CLINT OBER, a pioneer of the cable business in its early days, became aware that most people walk around insulated from the natural energies the Earth has to give us for very long periods of time. Ober believed we don’t make contact with Earth elements with bare skin to receive its energetic frequency. So after his own health...


Strong Muscles for Paddle Perfromance

SHOULDER HEALTH IS KEY FOR PADDLING PERFORMANCE and comfort whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Paddlers tend toward chronically contracted pectoral muscles that pull the shoulders forward, resulting in upper back muscles that tend to be chronically lengthened. This imbalance in shoulder alignment can lead to a greater risk of shoulder discomfort and injury. Here are some of the key poses that I practice to help me strengthen my shoulders and reduce the risk of injury.




Summer may be over but bug season never is. Check out the DynaTrap. We were impressed with its sturdy stainless-steel construction. To the beach, we went with our DynaTrap. Flies and mosquitos are always an issue with picnics and to our happiness, they were not an issue. We even tested indoors and found that it did a great job of attracting those pesky gnats and moths when you’re leaving your windows open to enjoy that fall evening air.

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