Publisher Reid Inouye has lived the ocean lifestyle since the age of ten. Growing up in the Hawaiian Islands, on the Oahu, surfing, fishing and exploring the waters of the island he sought from even a young age a connection with the water.​

He expanded his knowledge of the North Shore while producing events as one of Hawaii’s premiere surf promoters through the island chain. His experience and roots saw the world of SUP expanding in 2004, and with that same knowledge and horizons, he has carried it across the world through his publication. 


Today Reid's goal of Standup Paddle Magazine is bringing awareness and education to every one of the waterman lifestyle, and to opening one's soul on the water – connect and balance.



Standup Paddle Magazine is a publication which features the Adventure, Travel and Destination lifestyle of the Waterman thinking outside the box, on the water.  Whether it's a venture with a new board across the lake, finding yourself challenging an outer reef or finding yourself in the middle of a downward run miles away from land – we challenge you to find yourself, to educate yourself with the latest equipment and discover new and better techniques to help you become a more educated and efficient paddler.